Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

Soft Self-Adhesive Baby Cushion Tape Reviews

Soft Self-Adhesive Baby Cushion Tape
  • Self-adhesive, plush tape can be put on any hard surface to protect your kid.
  • Cut to any size and shape to custom fit your need.
  • 2" wide. Moo Moo Baby strips are wider than most competing brands. Provide a firmer grip on angled surfaces.
  • 2 yard long.
  • Made of recyclable, ozone-friendly PE foam. Free of CFCs.

Moo Moo Baby Safety Strips is a versatile tool to kid-proof your house. No more painful bumps into corners, furniture and door frames. Stick the self-adhesive tape to cover these hard surfaces to protect your precious little ones. Adhesive is strong enough to make sure the tape stays put on, and yet easy to remove without leaving a sticky mess behind. Generous width and length let you custom cut it to the size and shape just for your need.

Soft Self-Adhesive Baby Cushion Tape

$ 5.95

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