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Orbit Baby Stroller Frame G2, Black

Orbit Baby Stroller Frame G2, Black
  • Parenting made easier: dock and rotate any Orbit Baby seat 360 degrees on the SmartHub
  • Smoothest ride: QuadShock offers the world?s most advanced stroller suspension
  • Stroller features one-handed compact 3D fold, adjustable handlebars, and Cargo Pod diaper bag
  • Tires made of lightweight and responsive EVA, which is also used in the midsoles of performance running shoes
  • Custom aerospace grade aluminum frame optimizes both strength and light weight

The G2 Stroller Frame is a part of the brand new second generation product line for orbit baby. Features Include QuadShock means advanced stroller suspension on all four wheels for superior comfort and ride plus foam filled no-pump tires and one handed fold. Can be folded for one handed towing or self standing. Lockable front wheels, linked braking, upgraded cargo pod (doubles as a diaper bag), adjustable handles, nested folding for small car trunks and "Airport mode" allows one-hand towing.

Orbit Baby Stroller Frame G2, Black

$ 500.00

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